Vision, Goals and Projects
In the light of identifying representatives of the people Bsair issues of development priority , and after the formation of committees to those issues , it was held that the committees of several meetings and reviewed the diagnostic report and has identified the reasons and justifications for each case , and the effect that has been to identify a set of development goals that are related to priority issues can be summarized goals as follows :
Improve the level of health services.
The development of infrastructure for schools and kindergartens.
The development of infrastructure eligible for the growth of the industry.
Encourage investment in the agricultural sector .
Develop a network of internal roads Association .
Development of a network of existing water .
Improve and enhance the cultural level
The development of sports facilities
Create an environment suitable entertainment
Raise the efficiency of the institutional structure in the municipality
See Sa'ir development
In the light of identifying priority development issues in Seir, and within the first workshop , the representatives of the people in line to see the development of the following :