Annexation decision

   ( Council of Ministers Resolution No. ( 35) for the year 2005 annexation of local bodies to the municipality of Seir
Council of Ministers after seeing the Law Palestinian local number (1 ) for the year 1997 , especially Article ( 4/2 ) thereof , and the submission of the Minister of Local Government , and based on what was approved by the Council of Ministers under the number ( 7/5/9 ) at its meeting city ​​of Ramallah on : ( 21/3/2005 AD ) , decided the following:
Article (1)
Inclusion of local bodies following the incident to the governorate of Hebron Municipality Seir : Village Council Kwesyba and sweaty cruiser . The head of the village council term. Village Council roller . Village Council lenticular . Projects Committee Valley Reem .
Article (2)
All competent authorities - each in his own jurisdiction - the implementation of this resolution, and shall be effective from the date of issuance and shall be published in the Official Gazette .
Issued in the city of Ramallah on 21/3/2005 AD. Corresponding to 11 / zero / 1426 AH .

Adisah: Adisah village is located southeast of Seir, located about 3 km, where a school for males and another for females, and the health clinic.
Long head: the head is located southeast of Seir long and rises about 940 m above sea level and the mountain where the archaeological and kindergarten.
Rotary: Rotary village is located southeast of Seir, and rising from the sea in 1000 and the elementary school for boys and one for girls and a health clinic.
Valley REM: REM Valley is located southeast of the town and rises above sea level and is 900 m along the ground Seir, and most of the population lived there for grazing and cultivation of grain and associated village Adisah Street and bumpy dirt road where a health clinic and a mixed school.

Akwesyba :
Akwesyba located northeast of Seir, and there is a water spring called Ein Akwesyba and the archaeological places such as caves and canals , and Akwesyba is the Aramaic word meaning water, gas , and where a mixed school for males and females am and pm kindergarten and clinic . Famous for irrigated agriculture and greenhouses and a high incidence of springs and ponds to collect rain water for use in agriculture.
Sweaty cruiser :
Located northeast of Seir, and rising from the sea 800 meters , located to the east of Khirbet Akwesyba , and near channel Aroub which was transporting water from Aroub and Akwesyba to Jerusalem , which is famous for agriculture and livestock has been crowned the efforts of municipal success in providing funding for a project to build a school where the people of the region donated a plot of land suitable .