Community accountability
Accountability can be defined as the commitment of decision-makers to take responsibility for their actions ; and decision makers refers to those people who have political power and financial or other forms of power and include those employees in the government sector .
The community accountability are mainly related to the development and institutionalization of relations and direct accountability between citizens and government .

Palestinian -based implementation of the program - the German for the development of local governance and civil society, which is implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)
Which aims to strengthen the local bodies in the provision of services through the support of national institutions in the appropriate frameworks for local governance .

Project is being implemented in several Palestinian villages and cities in collaboration with civil society institutions of the Palestinian
West Bank :-

Hebron Governorate Ramallah and Al-Bireh Municipality  Nablus Governorate Jenin  Governorate
Sier Municipality Bitounia Municipality Nablus Municipality Arabah Municipality
Dora Municipality   Beit Furik Qabatiya Municipality
Tafouh Municipality      
Ethna  Municipality      
Bani Naim Municipality      


Jabalya Gaza Deir al-Balah Khan Younis Rafah
Beit Lahiya  Municipality    Jabalya  Municipality Khan Younis  Municipality Rafah Municipality
     Magazi Municipality Qarara  Municipality  
      Bani Suhaila  Municipality  
Association of life and hope - Jabalya
Bunyan Society for Training and Evaluation and Studies community - Khan Younis
Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution - Gaza
The Palestinian Center for Development Studies and touch - Hebron
The Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy - Ramallah
Advisory Board for the development of non-governmental institutions - Jenin
Objectives of the project
Within the program of development of the local government and civil society , aimed at the third axis in the program to raise the municipal response to the citizens , are working on the design of accountability mechanisms and community-based experience in a number of selected municipalities . Is to work intensively with the institutions of a civil society partner with a long history of working with grassroots organizations and citizens slice to increase their participation in local development. Based on the pilot phase , the program retrieves the lessons and the lessons learned and the creation of mechanisms for Msassh at the level of municipalities and civil society organizations at the local level , and
In partnership with the Ministry of Local Government
And fund development and municipal lending
And the Union of Local Authorities
Is working to mainstream mechanisms and put it in the context of a regulatory / legal environment at the national level