History and Maps
Originated Seir on the town " Assaar " in the Roman era as " thongs " , a place of archaeological contains the tombs carved in the rock , said Seir in many history books , where due cause the label to " Seir Houri " grandfather inhabitants of those lands who inhabited the region ( teacher Peter gardener Encyclopaedia folder No. 9 , p 623 .
As Mustafa Murad al-Dabbagh has said in his book " Palestine p 182 of our country " label that the reason is due to the roughness of the landscape of the country . It is noteworthy Sapphire Hamwi in his Dictionary of Seir, in the sense that countries Zior Arab Canaanite , and in Roman times as the reported Zior (Sior) of Sar Aramaic, which means rock or steep .
While little d . Philip even in the writing of " the history of Syria , Lebanon and Palestine, p 44 " that Seir of Alassar reported as the Assaar broken , and Muhammad Farid Wajdi it was stated in the Encyclopedia of the twentieth century that the name of Seir means fire and flames and collected price . Seir also mentioned that name in relation to the status of a prophet who inhabited Ais brother Jacob, son of Isaac ? The mean ( with thick hair ) .
This is Seir, the second oldest town in the world after Jericho and Ttramy on the edges of many hamlets and tourist sites of archaeological dating back to ancient history and includes the tomb of the Prophet Ais peace be upon him , and near the city of Abraham village called Seir , a separation between the work of Jerusalem and Hebron " ( mankind Galilee in the history of Jerusalem and Hebron ) (c 1:00 43) . Seir name was mentioned in several languages ​​, including Arabic and Aramaic , Phoenician and Romania (see Figure 2-1) .
Form (2-1) : site Sa'ir for Hebron
             Source: GIS unit - Areej
 Seir climate hot, dry summers , mild winters and less rain where rain as we move from west to east and north to south , as well as the less heat as we head from east to west and from south to north .
Average temperatures in the town, 16 ° C
The quantity of rainfall in the annual average of about 350 mm and up to 600 mm in the past that abound the rain , and in the years that have less rainfall does not exceed the rate of fall of 250 mm , The climate of the town combination between Mediterranean climate and desert .
Average humidity is 61% .
Demographic characteristics
 The population of Seir in 1922 about 1477 people, and their number was estimated in 1945 at about 2710 people, and the population rose in 2007 to about 20687 people, has a population ( 2010 estimates ) 21,587 people, and this number without expatriates living outside the city with an estimated population 13000 people of expatriates and residents outside the perimeter of the city in other Palestinian cities .