The concept of community-based rehabilitation : -

The rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the community represents a new philosophy and approach towards the issues of disability and rehabilitation from the perspective of the integration of disabled people in their communities and protect their rights away from old concepts based on the isolation and compassion .

He meets a vision and a new strategy based on the participation of disabled himself and his family in the process of rehabilitation and works on the integration of people with disabilities in a positive way in their communities to enable them to benefit from the resources of different local and aims to change the negative perception towards persons with disabilities through the exercise of an active and effective for the family and the community in the rehabilitation process . All of this and promotes a holistic view to address the issue of disability as part of a community-based rehabilitation developmental process .


Accordingly, the CBR can be defined as follows :

"Is a strategic fit within the framework of the development of the local community and aims to achieve rehabilitation and equalization of opportunities and social integration for all persons with disabilities and implemented through the combined efforts of people with disabilities themselves , their families and their communities and health facilities , educational, social and professional concerned."


General objective: -

CBR program aims to improve the living conditions for people with disabilities and ensure their ability to reach Bamkanyatem physical, mental and psychological to the maximum level of utilization of services and opportunities available in the community