Accountability Tools

Implementation of a survey on the quality of municipal services to participate in the project community accountability

Carried out both from the municipality of Seir and Bitounia and Godmother and in collaboration with the Advisory Board of the Palestinian for the development of non-governmental institutions PCS polls

of citizens about the quality of basic services provided by the municipalities from the viewpoint of citizens , as part of the second phase and are being implemented in the project "Strengthening community

accountability in local government authorities Palestinian " and funded by the German Development Agency GIZ, where they will be analyzing the results of surveys to measure citizens' satisfaction with the quality

of services provided by the municipal partner in the project .

Where will be the adoption of the results of opinion polls to determine issues of importance and priority to the citizens , and that you need to discuss and debate between citizens and the

municipal council of community accountability through tools that will contribute to the development of procedures for transparency, accountability and feedback .

Has been distributed to a random sample of the survey forms in the target sites based on the study of the geographical and community sites targeted , to ensure that the sample is representative of the

community and reflect the views of the community on the different social classes , rallies and residential .

The body in turn, that the implementation of a poll of the citizens about the services provided by the municipality is important at this stage of the project , to find out their views and knowledge of the priorities

and complaints they have, and this would help in determining the agenda of the hearings in the subsequent phases of the project .